Bungay GTUK British Taekwondo Championships results


Bungay Taekwondo Club entered students into the

GTUK British Championships

held at Ryton near Coventry on Saturday 24th October 2015.

The successful medal winners were:

Bailey Aldrich Pee wee 10th – 7th Kup: Bronze sparring

Jayden Howgate Pee wee 6th – 4th Kup: Bronze patterns

Tegan Brown Pee wee  6th – 4th Kup: Silver patterns

Lucy Thurbon Junior girls 3rd – 1st Kup: Silver patterns, Silver sparring (dislocated shoulder!)

Liam Everett Junior male 3rd – 1st Kup: Silver sparring, Bronze patterns

Taking part in tournaments can be a daunting experience, but it is the only true way to evaluate your progress in Taekwondo, but most of all it shows the dedication to your training that is required to compete at a National level.

A Massive WELL DONE to you all. 

More photos can be viewed and purchased from the Tournament photographers De Photo:
GTUK British Championships – 24/10/2015

See taster video below:

Thank you to Grand Master Oldham, Master Auciello and all the Seniors, Mrs A and everyone that contributed to the running of an excellent tournament.