John Gillett completed his marathon walk to raise money for the Stroke association


John and Micky at the start of the marathon walk


Mr Gillett’s Father John Gillett (aged 72) completed his marathon walk (26.2 miles) on Tuesday accompanied by Michaela Gillett (aged 43) to raise money for the Stroke association and was thrilled that 2 members of Lowestoft Stroke group came out to meet him for lunch at the Shadingfield Fox.

He was also delighted that Jemma the Landlady would not let him or my wife Mickey pay for their lunch as they were doing this huge walk for a charity close to her heart.


Michaela, Jonty (aged 2.5 and chief cheerleader), John, Clinton and Kate outside the Shadingfield Fox.

Ray and Kate Oubridge greeted John and Mickey for dinner to offer support at mile 15 of the gruelling trek,  which acted as the half way point having started from The Harbour Inn in Southwold at 8.30 am.  The tenacious pair completed the walk at 5.30 pm when the reached The Artichoke in Broome making it one of the longest pub crawls ever!

John Gillett suffered a massive stroke in 2006 loosing mobility, speech and dexterity but glad not to have lost his life.  He has walked his way back to fitness from a hospital bed and each year has done a walk to raise funds for the Stroke Association whom he is a key member of the Warwick and Leamington Spa branch.

He had set his sights on the marathon distance having supported his Son Clinton Gillett and Daughter in Law with their 10 marathons over the last few years.

Michaela wrote John a training programme, plotted the route and walked the distance in order to support and guide as John still has very limited feeling all down his right hand side.  He has spent the last 6 months walking regularly in all weathers to train for the arduous distance.


John and Micky at the end of the marathon walk

So far he has raised nearly £2000 for the charity and aims to raise much more whilst he is still fit and able.

If you are able to contribute then please send cheques made payable to the Stroke Association to Clinton Gillett at Bungay High School.