International Instructor Mr Clinton Gillett VI
Sabum Nim Geh

Many people ask why I started martial arts, and the answer is quite simple. From the age of 4 I could not walk, suffering from Perthes Disease which means that the top the femurs do not form properly and consequently spent nearly 4 years in a wheel chair, callipers and plaster in order to correct the condition.

Spending all this time watching friends playing sports and being bullied led me to join every single sports team possible. At 12 years old being small and slightly formed I joined the local Karate club (Wada Ryu) and gained 1st black belt and a national championship by the age of 16. Fracturing a vertebra led to a break but at university I took up Saibuka and Kick boxing, teaching my best friend led to a love of instruction so when I became a teacher I decided to train in the world’s biggest martial art at the time Taekwon-do.

In just one and half years I gained my 1st Degree and in 2000 was selected to compete in the World Championships in Rimini (Italy) Winning Silver in the sparring event was a career highlight but I still love to compete even now as it is great to challenge yourself, I also love long distance running and have completed 10 marathons and ultra marathons which helps maintain strength and stamina.

I am very proud to have achieved my 5th Degree and love running Bungay Taekwon-Do and Eastern JeeGoo, many of my students have become national champions which makes me immensely proud and we hope to grow in the East and contribute towards a resurgent GTUK!

Promoted to 6th Degree on March 26th 2022.


The British Taekwondo Council is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children in Taekwondo. We have worked closely with the Child Protection In Sport Unit (CPSU) and NSPCC to develop robust policy and procedures to safeguard children, achieving the NSPCC & CPSU’s National Advanced Standards for safeguarding and protecting children in sport. We work closely with all our clubs and statutory agencies to ensure that safeguarding children is prioritised. Any allegation, suspicion of harm or concern is taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately.

The British Taekwondo Council sets out the key principles as well as providing best practice guidance. Contact details for our safeguarding team are Mr K.Beddows Lead Safeguarding Officer  Tel  0151 424 9466