Grading and Christmas Closing

Grading December 2023

Congratulations to all those students who did their grading at the weekend and put on such a great display of Taekwondo.  All the tenants were greatly in evidence for the 3 hour session led by Master King and he was impressed with everyone.  A huge well done to the 9 new Provisional Black Belts as well.


End of year awards were made with 19 medals given to the display team and 16 trophies to the tournament squad with 3 special awards given for work throughout the year; Best Sparring to Evie Harvey, Best Patterns to Alex Porter and Best Korean to Jonty Gillett.  Huge thanks to all the parents and carers who offer unwavering support.

Christmas Holidays

We are now closed for Christmas with the first lesson of 2024 on Thursday 4th January (although there will be Jee Goo for Red Belts and above on Wednesday 3rd January from 6.30-8pm)

Best wishes to all the Christmas and New Year

Clinton Gillett VI