Tremendous Taekwondo Trio!


Tremendous Taekwondo Trio!

There are 3 new Black Belts for Bungay Taekwondo Club which trains in Hall 1 of the High School on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening and 2 of them attend Bungay High School as students as well.

Adam Fuller (Year 7) and Jacob Burden (Year 8) completed a gruelling 4 hour examination at the weekend in order to be awarded their Black belts in the Olympic Martial Art of Taekwondo.  They had to perform 3 patterns, 3 lots of sparring and set sparring, special techniques and Korean theory as well as submit a 15 page thesis all in front of senior instructors in the GTUK including Grand Master Oldham and Master Aucello.  Both boys performed superbly and said that it was an ‘emotional rollercoaster’ but also the best experience ever!

The 3rd student to achieve the coveted Dan grading was Jacobs Mum, Amanda Linford (aged 41), who has started training after watching her sons train and thought that she might as well have a go as well, after all she loved watching Bruce Lee films as a young girl.  She had to do the same as the boys, but also smash 2” of wood with a side kick and 1” of wood with a palm strike and said that it was “an amazing, if slightly terrifying day as she never thought that she would be able to get a black belt!

Perhaps you would like to train towards getting your black belt so please check out the details on this website or contact the school for further details.