Toyota Tops British GTUK Taekwondo Triumphs

There were some great results from Bungay Taekwondo students at the weekend when 12 competitors travelled 160 miles to Coventry in order to compete in this year’s British GTUK Championships.

Toyota Smith

Toyota Smith achieved a fantastic gold in the sparring and silver in the patterns in her first ever tournament, fighting in the adult ladies 10-7th kup category, whilst Jade Howgate gained two silver medals in the adult ladies 3-1st kup section.  Neil Genn-Bromley fought hard to achieve a bronze in the adult male 10-7th kup competition.

Bungay High school Year 10 student Kelsie Dyer surpassed her own expectations to win silver for patterns and bronze for sparring in the junior girls 6-4th kup category and Liam Everett fought extremely hard for his silver in the junior male 3-1st kup division.  His brother Christian Everett performed superbly in the junior black belt patterns to get his 1st silver medal as a black belt and then followed this up with an even greater award in the tag team challenge.

bungay taekwondo

Christian fought alongside fellow Bungay High School students, Jacob Burden and Adam Fuller in the hugely competitive black belt tag team sparring event which is a truly amazing spectacle to watch and they astonished themselves by finishing as silver medallists, although, it was incredibly hard fought and Jacob ended up getting checked out at hospital for a suspected broken arm, fortunately this turned out to be a badly buckled radius.

Isaac Slater was truly unlucky to lose a bronze medal match on a technicality after fighting his way through several tough rounds in the pee wee 3-1st kup cohort, whilst Colby Aldrich and Jayden Howgate competed well but missed out on the medals.

The club can now focus on getting ready for the last grading of the year satisfied with some great performances in this year’s competition circuit.  It is still possible to start training with Clinton Gillett who is a 5th Degree international instructor, world silver medallist from 2000 and current UITF veteran champion.

The club trains at Bungay High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm and welcomes students of all abilities from the age of 6 to 60 and beyond please contact the school on 01986 892140 for further details or pop along for a free taster lesson.

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