Superb East Anglian Inter-Club Result

Superb East Anglian Inter-Club Result

Bungay Taekwondo club managed a creditable 3rd place in the annual eastern region tournament held in Northamptonshire at the weekend having scored an amazing 45 points from 11 competitors! (3 points for a 1st, 2 points for a 2nd and 1 point for a 3rd placed competitor)  Northampton won this year’s event with Wellingborough coming 2nd.  Both towns are at least 4 times bigger than Bungay!

Storm Dennis nearly put an end to the competition however as there were concerns over travelling the 100 miles but in the end the storm battered other parts of the country far worse than the East so it went ahead as planned.

Name Category Patterns Sparring Destruction
Jimmy Carnwell Junior male coloured belt (13-16) Silver Gold
Kelsie Dyer Junior Female coloured belt (13-16) Gold Bronze
Lewis Howes Junior male coloured belt (13-16) Bronze Bronze
Alysia Howgate Rainbow coloured belt (7 and under) Gold
Jade Howgate Adult female black belt Gold Silver
Jayden Howgate Pee wee male black belt (8-12) Silver Silver
Joe Hutson Junior male coloured belt (13-16) Silver Bronze
Ewan Lutz Junior male black belt (13-16) Silver Gold Gold
Evie Mortimer Pee wee female coloured belt (8-12) Bronze
Henry Rush Adult male coloured belt Gold Gold
Gavin Whie Adult male black belt Silver Silver

Well done to all the competitors a superb result demonstrating great talent and determination.

The club is now getting ready for the British championships and an international open tournament in the next few months but new students are always welcome.

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