Double Black Belt Success

Double Black Belt Success Bungay Taekwondo Club

Double Black Belt Success

After a gruelling examination held in Coventry over the weekend there are 2 new black belts at Bungay Taekwondo Club which trains at the High School. Colby Aldrich aged 12 and Lewis Flatt aged 10  performed superbly in front of Grand Master Oldham (9th Dan) and Master Auciello (7th Dan) as well as various other senior grades in order to be awarded their coveted black belt.

Colby and Lewis had to perform patterns, demonstrate techniques, perform free sparring and set sparring techniques, answer theory questions and submit a written thesis. The boys have been training twice a week at Bungay High School for nearly 4 years in order to develop their confidence, strength, flexibility and stamina before taking this examination.

These 2 students passing takes the black belt tally at the club to 51 since it opened in 2003 and Clinton Gillett (5th Dan) said, “I really think these guys deserved to get their dan grading as they have shown great determination and dedication whilst also being humble and respectful students”.

Congratulations also go to Jayden Howgate (aged 10) who gained his 1st Star after having to do his pattern on his own in front of the Grandmaster as he was the only Pee Wee doing a star grade!  Jack Handley also achieved his 1.5 degree on the way to second dan.

See details about our Taekwon-do Open Evenings on Wednesday 1st May 3.30-4.30pm & Thursday 2nd May 7.00-8.30pm – Free Lesson & Free T shirt if students then become members!


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