GTUK Competition – 29th October 2011

GTUK Competition – 29th October 2011
@ Sport Connexion, Ryton On Dunsmore, Coventry.
Individual Championships with a Demonstration by the GTUK Demonstration Team, and the National Squads. 
Also a 3 Man Black belt Special Team Event – teams to be selected through Squad!
After champs party – so reserve your tickets now so you can join in the party!
Check out more information through your Instructor

A Half Dozen Black Belts Please! – New Bungay Black Belts

Saturday, May 7th 2011
A Half Dozen Black Belts Please!

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After a gruelling examination held in Coventry over the weekend there are 6 new black belts at Bungay Taekwondo Club which trains at the High School.  
Kalun Bedingfield, Jenna and Sophie Akerman (all aged 14) gained Junior Black belts with Kal’s thesis being singled out as the best one presented by Juniors on the day!
Nigel Bedingfield (aged 56), Andy Hibbins (aged 39) and Elliot Ross (aged 17) gained adult black belts with Nigel’s thesis also being singled out for praise.

All performed superbly in front of Master Oldham and various other senior Dan grades in order to be awarded their coveted black belt. They all had to perform patterns, demonstrate techniques, perform free sparring and set sparring techniques, answer theory questions and submit a written thesis.

Adults also had to perform several destruction techniques, one of which involves breaking an inch thick pine board at 7 feet and requires a great deal of practice as well as excellent technique and power.

Ryan Hatcher also completed a successful half degree test in preparation for his 2nd degree examination next year and he is hoping to open a club in Norwich soon.

These 6 students passing takes the black belt tally at the club to 18 since it opened in 2003 and Clinton Gillett said, “I really think these guys deserved to get their dan grading as they have shown great determination and dedication and are humble and respectful students”.

The photo shows back row left to right:
Logan Bedingfield (instructor’s assistant), Elliot, Ryan, Clinton Gillett (instructor), Andy, Martin Sloan (assistant instructor)
Front left to right:
Jenna, Nigel, Sophie and Kalun.

The club trains Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm, so if you want to start training as the next black belts or just have a go at this Olympic martial art then please just pop in to the main Hall or contact Clinton on 01986 892140, it is suitable for everyone male and female from 7 years old to 70!

Want to get fit and stay fit?

Want to get fit and stay fit?
Then come and try Global Taekwon-do in Bungay!
Our training includes:
hand and feet martial arts techniques
fighting patterns
semi-contact sparring
full contact bag work
‘destruction’ board breaking techniques
street style self defence
national belt gradings and tournaments
Training Times:
Tuesday: 7-8pm (not during half-term)
Wednesday: 4-5pm
(school students only, term-time only)
Thursday: 7-8.30pm


Great friendly club atmosphere,
ideal for families and individuals
building fitness and self confidence
Location: Bungay High School
Main Instructor: Mr Clinton Gillett (4th Dan/4th Degree)

Telephone: 01986 892140
Mobile: 07970 664965
Email: [email protected]

Bungay Success at GTUK British Individual Championships 2011

National GTUK Championships

Bungay Taekwondo Club has had another great tournament success in 2011.  17 students from the club travelled the 160 miles to Coventry in Warwickshire for the GTUK National Championships and gained a fantastic total of 25 medals in all belt divisions which is testament to the quality and talent of the students from the Eastern region.

Pee wee (6-12years old) and junior (13-17) students did especially well (in age order with youngest 1st):-

Ben Jordan(Gold patterns) Won 4 rounds of sparring before loosing out to a points decision!
Callum Read (Silver patterns and Bronze sparring)
Reece Jordan (Gold sparring and Bronze patterns)
Saskia Baylis (Gold sparring and Gold patterns)
Jenna Akerman (Gold patterns Silver sparring)
Sophie Akerman (Silver patterns Bronze sparring)
Kal Bedingfield (Gold sparring Silver patterns)
Milo Phillips (Gold sparring and Silver patterns)
Denys Woolley (Gold patterns Silver sparring)
Will Everson (Gold Sparring Silver patterns)
Tom Raven (Bronze patterns Bronze sparring)

Adults (18-39 years old) and Veterans (40+) achieved great success as well with:-

Clinton Gillett (Silver patterns) also won the 1st round of the sparring but got his nose broken again so had to withdraw!
Sue Bedingfield
(Gold sparring)
Nidge Bedingfield (Gold sparring and Silver patterns)

Several other students participated bravely but unfortunately came back empty handed although they did win some of their respective rounds, Casper Baylis, Callum Considine and Martin Sloan all did well and helped support the victorious students along with many parents who were fantastic supporters on the day.

Well done to everyone, the team spirit was superb and we are looking forward to the next grading examination at the end of March.

 Competition photos can be seen here from the organisers official photographers web site:

Bungay Taekwon-do Club medal success at 2011 Northampton Interclub Tournament

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Successful Bungay Taekwon-do Club at the East Anglia inter-club competition, held in Northampton Feb 13th 2011. Click image to enlarge

Bungay Battle in the 2011 Eastern Interclub Tournament!

The Eastern Area Inter-Club tournament took place in Northampton this year and Bungay battled to a brilliant medal tally and a creditable 3rd place in the region, even with a diminished collection of competitors due to injuries and prior commitments.

21 medals in total were achieved by 16 fighters in all age groups, the junior (13-17) and pee wees (under 12) all performed well and they won a host of medals including gold for Reece Jordan (aged 12) in the sparring and silver in the patterns.

Gold for Callum Read (aged 12) in the Pee Wee patterns whilst Ben Jordan (aged 7) won silver in the younger age range patterns.
Kal Bedingfield (aged 14) won a great gold for patterns and silver for sparring.
Oli Baylis (aged 16) won bronze for sparring and silver for patterns and his sister Saskia (aged 15) won silver for sparring and bronze for patterns.
Sophie Akerman (aged 14) won a brilliant gold for patterns but her sister Jenna only just missed out on bronze by the narrowest of margins.
Denys Wooley (aged 14) fought hard for his bronze in sparring and Aaron Sampson (aged 16) put in a brave performance but lost to a much higher grade student.

Adam Sloan (aged 13) also gained a 4th placing in the junior black belt patterns.

Less adults from the club were able to participate this weekend but those that did achieved great results with Nidge Bedingfield (aged 56) winning gold for sparring and patterns whilst his wife, Suzie (aged 50) won double silver medals.

Club assistant instructor Martin Sloan (41) won bronze for black belt sparring and instructors assistant Nicole Somerville (19) won double bronze in the black belt sparring and patterns.

Finally Clinton Gillett the club instructor won silver for patterns and gold for sparring to draw procedures to a close.

Steve King The area 5th degree and senior said “Bungay did especially well and came 3rd with a small group of competitors, just think what would happen if they could have brought a full squad!”

The club is recruiting for new students at the moment so if you want to get fit for the new year come along to the high school on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7pm or contact Clinton Gillett on 01986 892140 for further details. The youngest students in the club are 6 years old and there is no upper age limit.

More competition photos can be seen here from the organisers official photographers web site:

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