New Bungay Black Belts!


Clinton Gillett completed a tough international grading examination under the watchful eye of several masters and Grandmaster Oldham in Coventry at the weekend in order to be awarded his 5th Dan in Taekwondo.

The test included the 3 patterns for the grade, step sparring sequences, full contact self-defence, 2 onto 1 sparring, Korean theory and destruction (including power tests for jumping kicks, foot and hand techniques on both sides, where he unfortunately cracked a bone in his wrist early in the grading but chose to carry on regardless) Grandmaster Oldham praised his thesis on ‘Moral Culture’ and said that “his standards and attitude are exceptional”.

There has to be a minimum time in between grading examinations at this level and it is over 5 years since he passed his 4th Dan so Clinton is delighted to gain this international award and will receive his certificate from Korea within the next month.


There are also 3 brand new black belts in our midst having successfully completed their gruelling 7 hour examination in Coventry in the same weekend.  Richard Baylis (aged 57), and his son Casper Baylis (aged 16) took their examination together and both passed with flying colours. (Meaning that there are 4 black belts in the Baylis family now!) Oli Watts (aged 14) also gained the coveted black belt after a fabulous performance.


All have trained hard at Bungay High School for the last three and a half years, moving steadily up through the grades and demonstrating great commitment, dedication and determination.  The grading involves performing several patterns, sparring routines, free sparring, Korean theory and destruction as well as submitting a thesis to senior black belts, proving that it is not just a physical test but also a positive mental attitude and an art.

Bungay trains on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Hall 1 from 7pm and new students are most welcome to come along and try this rewarding martial art, Students at the school can also train for free on a Wednesday from 4-5pm.