Black-Tag to Black belt Grading Syllabus

Black-Tag > to Black belt



Pattern of choice or self defence pattern





Based on questions from Application Sheet B

Korean Theory:

Both Pattern Meanings

All moves in both patterns.

Number of moves in each pattern


Breaking Techniques:

Junior under 17

Jumping Over Head Kick

(plastic or flip board is held at head height)


Adult 17 to 39 all wooden boards

Jumping Over Head Kick (through 1 board)

(male board is held 1 foot above head height)

(female board is held at head height)

Punch (Male = 2 boards, Female = 1 board)

Side Kick (Male = 3 boards, Female = 2 boards)


Step Sparring:

All 1-Step

1-Step International

(make your own up 4 or 5 alternatives)

All 2-Step

Free Sparring

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